Why do hotels have Bibles: Wonderful Reason Behind Bibles in Hotel Rooms

Why do hotels have bibles

Why do hotels have bibles: It’s possible that you have observed this when traveling: when you
arrive at your hotel, open the nightstand drawer, and discover a Bible waiting for you.


There are more levels to this long-standing custom than you may imagine,
offering an insight into the world of hospitality, culture, and religion.

Why do hotels have Bibles in their Rooms

While travel can be very unpredictable at times, seasoned travelers can always rely on one regular comfort: their hotel room’s Bible. Actually, not many things are more trustworthy than discovering the holy book hidden in your nightstand drawer. However, have you ever considered how they arrived?

Where did the hotel Bible come from?

The Gideons International, a Christian organization devoted to Bible distribution worldwide, provides the bulk of the Bibles found in hotel rooms.

Who puts Bibles in Hotels


The Gideons International’s founders were traveling salesmen, so they had some firsthand experience with life on the road. They knew that individuals, when they were away from home, might turn to the well-known passages of the Bible for consolation or comfort.

They started putting Bibles in hotel rooms by 1908. A long-standing custom was started when the Superior Hotel in Montana became the first lodging establishment to receive a Gideon Bible. They had no idea that this small act of faith would result in millions of Bibles being left in hotel rooms across the globe, inspiring both comfort and curiosity in countless travelers. Thus, a peculiar junction emerged between the seemingly unconnected domains of hospitality and religion.

Can I take the Bible?

The Gideons have declared that they welcome you to take the Bible from a hotel room, despite the fact that it is normally against the law to take anything that does not belong to you. All they ask is that you let the front desk know so they can swap it out. However, if you neglect to report it to the front desk, they do not view it as theft. It is a legitimate request.


The goal of the Gideons is to provide bibles to everyone who requests one.
If you think you need a bible, they urge you to take the one from the hotel room. It’s not so they can give out more bibles; they want you to have a bible so you will have one. Everyone’s task would be done if they all owned bibles. 

Are there hotel rooms that don't have Bibles in them?

The majority of major hotel chains, including as Hyatt, Hilton, and InterContinental Hotels Group, delegate the decision of whether or not to provide religious reading materials in guest rooms to the owners and operators of their particular properties.


Marriott International, a prominent exception, is in the hospitality industry. The business mandates that the Bible and Book of Mormon be placed in each of the nearly thirty brands it owns, including some that were formerly a part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. 

Is it a law to have Bibles in Hotel rooms

This is one of the most frequent topics guests ask. The short answer is that lodging establishments are not required by law to give guests a Bible in their rooms. To meet their religious and cultural needs, several hotels, however, decide to provide a Bible to its visitors as a favour.


In conclusion, the tradition of placing Bibles in hotel rooms began in 1908 when The Gideons International, a Christian organization, started distributing them. While major hotel chains vary in their approach, Marriott International stands out by mandating Bibles in all its brands. It’s not a legal requirement for hotels to provide Bibles, but many do voluntarily.



The Gideons encourage guests to take the Bible, considering it a legitimate request. The goal is to provide Bibles to those who seek them, fostering a unique connection between hospitality and religion.

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