How to Get Ancient Technology Points Palworld-2way Get Closer to Palworld Victory

Ancient Technology Points Palworld

Ancient Technology Points palworld work similarly to regular Technology Points under the Technology menu tab, but they are utilised to unlock the recipes for various things that use those parts. These are not to be confused with Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld. Stated differently, you can create items like the Egg Incubator and Giga Grappling Gun using the Ancient Civilization Parts and the recipe that is unlocked by the Ancient Tech Points. When it comes to making everything you’ll need for your excursion, they’re both equally significant.

To find out how to get Ancient Technology Points Palworld, refer to our guide.

In Palworld, there are three primary methods to obtain Ancient Technology Points, and they all entail defeating opponents.

How to Get Ancient Technology Points Palworld

Defeating Alpha Pals and taking on the Syndicate Tower Bosses are the two methods to obtain Ancient Technology Points. To locate them, use the Interactive Palworld Map on IGN. A screenshot featuring all 43 Alpha Pals and 5 Syndicate Towers can be found below.


How to Get Ancient Technology Points Palworld from Tower Bosses

Tower Bosses operate similarly to Pokémon Gym Leaders, with a hint of Team Rocket thrown in. There is a tower located on the Palpagos Islands belonging to each of the five main groups in the game: the Rayne Syndicate, Free Pal Alliance, Brothers of the Eternal Pyre, the Pidf, and Pal Genetic Research Unit. With its tower at its core, each of these groups essentially rules a territory.

These usually appear as some kind of futuristic tower from a distance. Like dungeons, you have to physically enter them, but the only thing it involves is one massive boss fight.

Each has a single leader who lives with a strong partner named Pal. The tutorial questline’s first encounter for players is with Zoe and her Grizzbolt from the Rayne Syndicate. Their partner Pal is always the same, even though you can theoretically approach them in any sequence. They will therefore always have the identical move sets and total HP. You can rematch these battles to earn five Ancient Technology Points each, but you can only receive the points once.

Palworld has five Syndicate Towers, one for each biome. These bosses are essentially the last bosses in Palworld for each side. You will essentially receive 25 Ancient Technology Points in total if you defeat them all. This is the suggested sequence:

Level 16 of the Rayne Syndicate Tower (112, -434)
Level 32 of the Free Pal Alliance Tower (185, 28)
Level 41 of the Tower of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (-588, -518).
Level 45 of the PIDF Tower (561, 334)
Level 50 of the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower (-149,445)


How to Get Ancient Technology Points Palworld from Alpha Pals

The top predators in their respective areas, Alpha Pal Bosses are always depicted as icons with the Pal on the global map. Alpha Pals frequently have the appearance and feel of their kin’s last evolution, even though they do not develop like Pokémon do. Kingpaca, for example, is among the first Alpha Pals you will meet and he normally gallops around accompanied by a few of Melpaca attendants. The weaker opponents will always enter the battle in situations like this, so be sure to eliminate them to simplify matters.

One Ancient Technology Point will be awarded to you upon defeating or capturing an Alpha Pal; but, in the real world, they do respawn after an hour. You can therefore always give it another shot if you are unable to catch them the first time. They also grant a lot of experience points, so just that alone makes it worthwhile to fight them often.


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