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New controllers accompany the release of new gaming systems every few years. You can use these controllers with a gaming laptop or PC; they are also available for purchase separately as replacement units. After all, most games—regardless of platform—are made to be played with gaming controllers. Microsoft is a well-known manufacturer of gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One X, and they have a track record of producing well-received controllers to go along with their products.

A gaming console manufacturer has usually seen years and decades of devices used by a ton of gamers. They design controllers to bear the brunt of an aggressive gamer, for years and years on end. An original controller shipped with gaming consoles should then last a lot longer than the cheaper alternatives. When a search for a controller began, it ended with the Microsoft Xbox One Series Wireless Controller. Hands-down, it’s one of the best controllers for the Xbox, and any gamer who uses a laptop or PC.

Therefore, if you own any Xbox series, you probably struggle with finding an easy way to connect your Xbox controller to your Chromebook. If you’re often on the go, this post will fix your problem. It is therefore possible to connect the Xbox controller to the Chromebook in two different ways: wirelessly and via wire.

Methods to Connect Xbox Controller with Chromebook

We have two methods to connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook, the first method is with wire and the second is wirelessly. Lookout the below information and connect your Xbox Controller with Chromebook easy.

1.   Using an USB cable

When you connected the Xbox USB cable it will show signs of life from your controller. Controller’s light will light up to show a successful connection In most cases, The inability to activate Bluetooth can make matching challenging. Thus, this is how wires were used to link the Xbox to the Chromebook.

2.   Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth offers a freeing choice for those who would rather use something wireless. Setting your Xbox controller to pairing mode is the first step. The Xbox home button should pulse slowly after a few seconds of pressing and holding it. Next, find the pair button on the controller’s top, and push it until it rapidly flashes. This concludes the method for wirelessly connecting the Xbox to the Chromebook.


You can choose whichever technique you find most comfortable and straightforward to use to connect the Xbox controller to the Chromebook; if the first option doesn’t work, you’ll need to attempt the second.


How can I use USB to connect my Xbox controller to my Chromebook?

Activate Bluetooth on the Xbox controller, push the pair button until it flashes quickly, and then link with the Chromebook to connect it to the computer via USB.

How can I wirelessly link an Xbox 360 controller to a Chromebook?

Link the Xbox to the Chromebook using a wire to receive an illuminated and vibrating success message. It is necessary to activate Bluetooth in order to match.

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